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Updating Your Gas Barbecue Ready For Barbecue June

As we hit what is now being dubbed Barbecue June and summer is officially upon us, it is an ideal time to share off the barbecue cover, brush it down, and make sure you’re stocked up on burgers, sausages, and other traditional outdoor fare. According to health experts you should also slather yourself in factor 30 sunscreen every hour or two to make sure your skin doesn’t see any of the heat.

Gas barbecues are becoming more popular than ever before. They offer a more even cooking temperature, which is further improved if you have a hooded variety. They have burners and you can even find auto ignition models that do away with the rigmarole of lighting a bottle of lighter fluid and then waiting hours for the flames to finally die down so you can start cooking.

With a gas barbecue you will need to occasionally top up the gas supply which is usually bought in a tank or large bottle. Garages, petrol stations, camping shops, and outdoor shops are usually able to fill these up for you and the cost is relatively minimal especially when compared to buying firelighters and charcoal every time you want to cook a sausage. Do store the bottle upright to prevent fire or damage, though.

Consider the design of the barbecue itself too. Not only does it need to be strong and functional but it should also be good looking because it will take centre stage in your garden, hopefully on a regular basis. If you barbecue for guests then one of the quickest ways to put them off is to cook on a rusty old barbecue using broken and half corroded tools.

Of course, the barbecue is only part of the story. The start of summer is the ideal time to update your garden furniture. Throw away the faded plastic chairs and moth eaten umbrella. Forget about trying to wipe the mouse stains off your cushions and buy some inexpensive but good quality furniture as well as covers for them. This way you can sit back, relax, and really enjoy the food you’ve lovingly prepared on your new gas barbecue.

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