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Roomba Vacuum - Science Fiction or Fact?

Science fiction or fact? Robots to clean your house..!

Many a low budget science fiction film has long held the presumption that in the future we will all own a robot and it will do all the cleaning in our homes for us. Madness? Well not really...

i-robot have long been in the business of producing robotic machines to assist with cleaning processes. They started out with a robotic swimming pool cleaner in the States and have progressed their idea from there to the domestic cleaning machines we see today.

Roomba is a robotic vacuum cleaner that you simply charge up, switch on and leave to its own devices to clean your carpets and hard floors with ease. It moves itself around your floors cleaning as it goes, avoiding obstructions and 'learning' the layout of your floor to ensure the whole area is covered. It has what they call 'cliff sensors' to avoid falling downstairs from the top step and has bumpers to gently sense where walls etc are so as not to mark them.

Models available include 530, 555, 564 pet and 581.

Roomba is easy to clean as well, the brushes and dust storage box remove easily and even better reassembly is straightforward too. Perfect for everyday cleaning, particularly on hard floors where dust is a constant frustration (especially if you own pets) although beware what your pets get up to when Roomba is around - check out this clip on YouTube

Roomba 530 - iRobot  IN STOCK  Robotic Vacuum Cleaner      Roomba iRobot Roomba 581 - Vacuum Cleaning Robot     Roomba 530 - iRobot  IN STOCK  Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Click on any of the images above to view i-robot's demo video

The Scooba is i-robot's answer to take the strain out of washing hard floors - it scrubs, washes and dries the floor as it goes leaving a great result behind it. A superb way to keep floors looking sparkly clean and shiny.

Roomba Scooba 385 - i robot  Robotic Floor Washer   Click on image to view demo video from i-robot

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