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Miele goes Hybrid

Miele goes Hybrid!

Hybrid cars may be the talk of the motor industry at the moment but a hybrid vacuum cleaner? Well that is something Miele have developed and brought to market.

The S4812 features an 1800w motor with special filtration bags called hygiene shutters that hold in more of the allergens that are vacuumed up. It has some nice features such as electronic suction power controls and an overheating indicator but what sets this vacuum apart from the rest is it has an on board Li-Ion battery that allows this cleaner to be used cordless. Really handy when vacuuming the stairs or the car - no need to reach for the extension lead and trip over the wires.

Not sure if other manufactures will follow suit to develop their own version of the hybrid cleaner but it will be an extremely interesting experiment to see how successful the format is.

                        Miele S4812 Hybrid Bagged Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner

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