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Gas ovens built in and built under

Gas ovens built in and built under

Something that is getting more tricky to find these days is the good old gas oven. Electric ovens seem to have taken over as the format of choice for most manufacturers however there are still a few gems to be found.

New World make some excellent value gas models that are two cavities built in and built under but the top cavity is grill only and therefore not a double oven. Built in model is NW901G and this is available Satin steel or White. The built-under model, suitable for fitting under a worktop, is the NW701G again available in Satin steel or White.

Built in models by New World

NW901Gss 90cm Built In Double Cavity Gas OvenNW901G Stainless SteelNew World NW901Gwh White 90cm Built In Double Cavity Gas Oven NW901G White

Built under models by New World

New World NW701Gss 70cm Built Under Double Cavity Gas Oven NW701G Stainless Steel   New World NW701Gwh 70cm Built Under Double Cavity Gas Oven  NW701G White


Belling also make some lovely gas ovens - they do a single gas oven the BI60G or they make double ovens BI90G (built-in) and BI70G (built under). It is worth noting that the while both ovens are gas, the grill is electric in these models.

 Single Gas oven model by Belling

 Belling BI60G - 60cm Built In Conventional Gas Single OvenBelling BI60G Stainless Steel Single Gas Oven

Built in and built under models by Belling

Belling BI90G 90cm Built In Gas Double Cavity OvenBelling BI90G  Belling BI70G - 70cm Built Under Gas Double Cavity OvBelling BI70G - 70cm Built Under Gas Double Cavity OvenenBelling BI70G

And finally to Stoves. Top of the range gas ovens from a quality brand, Stoves make some beautiful products in their range. Their gas built in offering is SGB900PS and the built under version is SGB700PS. Both extremely attractive and built to a very high standard but again both use an electric grill.

Built in and built under models by Stoves

 Stoves SGB900PS 90cm Gas Built In Double Cavity OvenStoves SGB900PS Stoves SGB700PS 70cm Built-under Gas Double Oven with Programmable Timer and Telescopic SlidersStoves SGB700PS

Here are some facts and figures on the relative differences with pros and cons of using both gas and electric cooking appliances.

Running costs for gas and electric cookers

Your choice of gas or electric cooker is likely to be influenced by your previous experience of cookers and your personal cooking preferences.

But there are significant differences in the costs of cooking with gas and electricity. If you use an electric cooker you’ll use fewer units of energy but, because electricity costs more than gas per unit, this will end up costing you more.

If you use your cooker’s oven, grill and hob for about one hour and 20 minutes a day for a year, an electric cooker will cost about £53 to run. 

A gas cooker will only cost £16, giving you an annual saving of £37, or £222 over the life time of your cooker.

Gas vs electric cookers: pros and cons

Gas hob

Gas hobs offer instant heat

Gas cooker pros

  • Gas hobs These offer offer instant heat, and flames licking and spreading round the bottom of pans means that heat spreads right across the hob-ring.
  • Cost Gas is cheaper than electricity so you’re likely to save yourself some money if you cook with gas.

Gas cooker cons

  • Uneven oven temperature You don’t usually find fans in gas ovens, which makes it harder for the heat to circulate. This means that a gas oven will usually be hotter at the top than at the bottom.
  • Installation Gas cookers need to be professionally installed by a GasSafe registered engineer.
Electric hob

Electric hobs are easy to clean

Electric cooker pros

  • Even oven temperature Electric ovens offer you more control over the oven temperature, and most have fans to spread the heat right around the cavity.
  • Multi-function ovens You can cook with a combination of heat from the top and the bottom of the oven, the grill and fan in an electric multi-function oven.
  • Easy-to-clean hobs An electric cooker’s ceramic hobs are easier to wipe clean than the hobs and metal risers on a gas cooker.

Electric cooker cons

  • Cost Electric cookers cost more to run than gas cookers.
  • Slow hobs If your pan is bigger than the hob ring, it will take longer to heat up with electricity than with gas.
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