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Which? Says Calgon Doesn’t Improve The Life Of Your Washing Machine

Calgon has based an entire brand history on the fact that they allegedly have the proof of washing machine engineers to show that regularly using Calgon will reduce the build up of limescale and will, therefore, help to reduce the likelihood that the machine will break down and reduce the running costs of the washing machine. Consumer group Which?, having run extended tests to simulate three years of regular use, dispute the tag line “washing machines live longer with Calgon” and have even gone so far as to lodge an official complaint with the Advertising Standards Authority.

For years, Calgon manufacturers Reckitt Benckiser have been saying that using their product prevents the build up of limescale and to their credit, Which? do not dispute this fact. In fact they say that in their tests it did reduce limescale build up – they also went on to say that the build up was nowhere near sufficient enough to cause any kind of damage or reduced usage of the machine.

In a report run by the Telegraph, Reckitt were said to be “surprised and disappointed” by the comments made by Which. She went on to say that they have conducted thorough tests both within their own laboratories and via independent third party testers and that these tests showed that regular use reduced the need for costly repairs. Apparently, it also optimises detergent performance and can reduce your energy spend by as much as 5%. Which? disagree so much with this that they have reported the company to the Advertising Standards Authority in a bid to set the record straight.

There are calls by some groups for Reckitt Benckiser to show the hard data that they claim to have and if Which? are successful in their complaint then the company may be required to do exactly that or face some fairly hefty and serious action otherwise. What will be the outcome? Who knows, but we recommend concentrating your efforts on finding a good quality washing machine in the first place and then regularly maintaining it as per the instructions; this way, limescale build up should not become a problem in the first place.

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