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Record High Temperatures Set To Continue Into Barbecue June

It’s nearly that time of year again – when we all wait with great anticipation for the British summer to arrive and, when it does, we tend to complain that it’s a bit too hot. However, before that happens there’s nothing we enjoy more than heading out in the back garden armed with sun cream that’s too low a factor, lemonade with flies floating atop, and rusty barbecue tools that you certainly wouldn’t dream of using to prepare food indoors.

According to figures released by Kingfisher, the group that own DIY behemoth B&Q, regardless of what we think about the Great British summer we at least have good intentions. They reported that the warmer than usual spring weather saw a light shower in consumer spending as we headed out in droves to buy new garden furniture and barbecues. The group remain cautious about the overall trend though, saying that we British consumers are still a cautious bunch.

This year’s spring was a record breaking time for us all boasting the warmest springtime average for more than 300 years. At a time when some people were jetting off to mainland Europe in search of hitter climes, they were saddened by the news that back at home we were enjoying sweltering heat amid a mini heat wave.

Great news for sun lovers, of course, but not for the whole country. Farmers have been hit by the worst drought season for some considerable time and crops will have dwindled as a result. Home enthusiasts will also have to face the fact that the sun isn’t always good news. Gardens were scorched and flowers burned in unexpected sunlight. Barbecue fanatics needed little excuse to get their trusty burner out in order to prepare some hearty meat meals either.

If your barbecue needs updating then now is definitely the time to take action because temperatures are set to increase even further over June and July with some experts saying that we should expect a “barbecue June”. During Wimbledon and Glastonbury, forecasters say that temperatures could actually reach as high as 33C. The advice for the public is to grab the sunscreen and make sure the gas barbecue is topped up.

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