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Take another look at Hostess Trolleys

Take another look at Hostess Trolleys

Take another look at Hostess Trolley's. Old fashioned? Out of date? Not any more...

Since featuring on the BBC's One Show in 2009 there has been an incredible upsurge in demand for the good old fashioned Hostess Trolley. Visualised by us all as an ugly wooden monstrosity in our Granny's living room, the hostess trolley has long been vilified and ridiculed as an out of date and unwanted piece of furniture. Not any more...

We suggest you take another look, because the Hostess Trolley is back and its bad! New colours and ranges have brought the hostess trolley out of the 1970's and into the new Millenium. Black, Beech, Japanese Ash and Brushed Steel are all featured as well as the more traditional Mahogany, Teak and Cherry finishes.

Designed to create an inclusive feel in any modern decor, the Hostess range has really surpassed itself with a modern twist on an old favourite. Hostess have also added some fantastic gadgets and gizmo's to their range including wine coolers, milk frothers, plate warmers, hot trays and wine cabinets.

Hostess Cordless Hot Tray (large) - HT6030          

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