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Britain's most reliable Tumble Dryer

Britain's Most Reliable Tumble Dryer

Britain's most reliable tumble dryer. That is the findings in a recent Which? report that thoroughly tested all the big brands in the UK. Who was best? Not who you would think...

Bosch? Siemens? or perhaps Miele? No. White Knight.

White Knight? Are you sure? But aren't they cheap and nasty? Well you could perhaps be tempted to put them in the 'cheap' category, but nasty? Apparently not according to Which?

In a whole host of tests the White Knight dryers came out on top for reliability which at the end of the day is something we all would like from our appliances.

White Knight produce both Gas Tumble Dryers and Electric Tumble Dryers in a range of models and sizes to suit all requirements. From the compact models 37AW and 38AW to the vented dryers 44AW, 83AW & 86AW there is a model to suit everyone. Gas range includes the very energy efficient models ECO43A and ECO83A.

They also range condenser models 77AW, 93AW & 96AW plus two integrated vented models 43AW and the sensordry 831WV.

Crosslee plc is established as Europe's largest independent tumble dryer manufacturer. As the tumble dryer specialists, the company has the experience and resources to produce over 600,000 units per year. Sold throughout 75 countries across the globe, every unit is produced utilising Crosslee PLC manufacturing excellence, to ensure that every client receives the highest quality dryers time and time again

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