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  • Winters coming and its time to get warm!

    Winter is coming and it’s going to be cold as per usual!

    Need a new fire to keep you warm and to sit in front of with the family? Come check out our fires and see if there are any great deals you can take advantage of.  We have a fantastic range of fires, there are many different designs to suit your front room décor.


    Below are examples of our fires and information about them.


    Dimplex Tango Optiflame Traditional Cast Iron Style Stove


    •  Traditional ‘cast iron’ style stove in matte black finish
    • Unique Optiflame® coal effect with real coals
    • Choice of 1kW or 2kW fan heat settings
    • Remote control of on/off
    • Flame effect can be used independently of heat source



    • Inset fire with unique Optiflame effect 
    • Supplied with large white pebbles and real coal 
    • One piece cast front and frame 
    • 2kW fan heater with choice of two heat settings 
    • Flame effect can be used independently of heat 
    • Inset depth of just 55mm* fully inset of can be used flat-to-wall using spacer provided 
    • Designed to fit 16" and 18" fireplaces and all conventional flues 
    • Polished cast iron finish with brass effect knob and stainless steel effect canopy (Model No. ADG20) or polished brass effect finish with brass/chrome effect 


    Dimplex Zamora Optiflame Freestanding Electric Fire


    • Unique Optiflame® effect
    • Freestanding and fits flat to wall
    • Real coals and white pebbles supplied
    • Black and chrome effect finish
    • 2kW fan heater with choice of 2 heat settings
    • Flame effect can be used independently of heat source


    See our full range here!

  • Dehumidifiers and their Health Benefits

    dxdh10nDehumidifiers have been proven to significantly increase the prevention rate of minor illnesses and improve upon health in ways that you wouldn't   notice at first.  As a bonus we are able to live in a fresher smelling environment as humidity can cause our homes to smell dirty, no matter how much we try to mask the smell.  Having a dehumidifier will effectively control the humidity levels within the home and reduce the risk of annoying colds and ailments developing in the process.

    Below is a list of 5 health benefits that are associated with using a dehumidifier within your home.


    1. Cleaner Air, Cleaner Breathing

    A dehumidifier does its job by filtering the air and reducing the humidity levels.  It creates an environment where mould cannot grow, whereas without a dehumidifier, mould can grow in damp areas of the house.  This can cause a number of health issues to develop which can be easily prevented and improved.  Introducing a dehumidifier into the home will ensure mould cannot grow and allow the family to breathe cleaner, healthier air.


    1. fluAway with pesky allergies

    You may not know it, but you could have a mould allergy and be suffering within your own home with different health issues you cannot explain.  Humid air can cause dust mites to grow and develop, which can be the trigger for many allergies to occur.  With the use of a dehumidifier, it can decrease the symptoms of allergies, such as sneezing and sore itchy eyes, as well as stop the dust mites developing due to air conditions being improved.


    1. No more excess moisture

    Excess moisture in the air can lead to skin irritations developing and the blocking of the nasal passage.  This can cause frequent colds and the feeling that you are unable to breathe through your nose.  Such skin irritations known as ‘prickly heat’ which is normally associated with warm weather can become a common occurrence due to humid conditions.  With a dehumidifier within the home this problem will no longer occur due to the air being much cleaner and fresher.


    1. Feel comfortable in your home

    The build-up of moisture in the home that causes a humid environment can be proven to be a very uncomfortable place, to live.  If the conditions are controlled correctly, your home will become much cleaner and feel more comfortable.  Using a dehumidifier will make the temperature lower and the stuffiness will be decreased, resulting in a fresher atmosphere to live in.


    1. Respiratory health will improveinhaler

    Asthma sufferer’s condition will worsen if there is excessive moisture and indoor pollutants in the air.  With a dehumidifier introduced into the home, it will reduce airborne moisture build up making it much easier to breathe.  The development of indoor air pollutants which are encouraged by humidity will be the trigger for many respiratory illnesses.  Buying a dehumidifier will reduce the symptoms and there severity on the person suffering.


    Check out our Dehumidifiers!

  • Tumble Dryers

    Tumble dryer types: condenser, vented, compact or gas?

    There are 4 different types of tumble dryer, so how do you choose which type that is best suited for your life style?  Hopefully the information below will give you a better understanding and help you make the right choice!


    Condenser Tumble Dryers:WKCondenser

    Condenser dryers are plugged straight into the wall, anywhere within your home.  You do not need to connect the exhaust hose to a vent or window.  Condenser tumble dryers work by condensing the warm damp air from your laundry into water.  It is then deposited into a container which can then be emptied.  An alternative method for some condenser dryers is that
    they can be fitted with a hose.  This hose is then attached to a waste pipe so that the water is drained away directly.  This is a good way to save manually emptying it.

    Find out more about Condenser Tumble Dryers.


    Vented Tumble Dryers:WKGas

    Vented tumble dryers are the traditional type or dryer and they are generally the cheapest.  Vented dryers pump out the warm damp air from the drum through a hose.  This hose has to be connected to a wall or a window vent to the outside.

    Find out more about Vented Tumble Dryers.


    Gas Tumble Dryers:

    Gas dryers work in the same way as electric vented tumble dryers.  Instead the air is warmed using mains gas instead of using electricity.  They are much cheaper to run than the typical electric dryer, but they need to be installed Gas Safe-registered engineer.  These engineers can be expensive and there are a very limited number or gas dryers available in the UK.

    Find out more about Gas Tumble Dryers.


    Compact Tumble Dryers:WKVented

    Compact tumble dryers are smaller tumble dryers that are well suited for small houses or flats.  Where space is very important these compact dryers work very well.  They are light and easy to move around.  All compact dryers are vented.

    See our Compact Tumble Dryers.


    Check out our latest deals on tumble dryers!

  • Why choose a Steam Cleaner?

    Steam Cleaners

    Steam cleaners do not use chemicals when being used for stain removal on carpets, just plain water.  Steam cleaners are good at killing germs and very good at cleaning.  If you watch a video of a steam cleaner in action you will see how easy and painless it is to deal with all those cleaning chores.  However the only pain you will come across is trying to choose a good steam cleaner.

    Steam cleaning is actually similar to a traditional mop and bucket but within an electrical format.  Steam cleaners are one of those products that you need to think about whether it is going to be suitable for the rooms and floors within your home.

    Steam Cleaners and its Benefitssteam-clean-bathroom

    Some of the benefits of steam cleaning are as follows:

    • Natural
    • Environmentally Friendly
    • Extremely hygienic
    • Fast to dry
    • Very efficient at killing germs and bacteria

    Steam cleaners are also good at getting rid of nasty smells that pets can leave.  They are also very good at lifting cat and dog hair that can be a nightmare to get out of carpet and furniture.

    They also have the benefit of getting rid of the nasty damp smell that can be left on clothes if they haven’t been worn in quite some time.

    When using a steam cleaner it doesn’t just move the dirt, it gets rid of it completely.  The microfiber pads when wet means that it picks the dirt off the floor completely instead of just pushing the dirt around.

    The steam cleaner kills all bacteria and germs.  You can use it on windows, mirrors, curtains etc.  It removes dirt and makes it smell fresh without any chemical aid.

    steamcleaning1Steam Cleaning Vs Dry Cleaning

    Without any doubt steam cleaning floors wins hands down.  The difference between steam cleaning and dry cleaning is the moisture that the steam cleaner uses.  The moisture lifts the dirt and dust whereas with a brush you are just moving the dirt to the other end of the room.

    You can do a quick test yourself.  Use a dry cloth on a dusty unit and then do the same with a wet cloth.  You will see when looking at the 2 cloths that the wet cloth has lifted more dust than the dry cloth.

    Dry cleaning is more like removing the top layer of dirt but it doesn’t get into the cracks between the floor-boards.  With the steam cleaners the pressure and temperature gets a deeper clean due to its microfiber pads being wet.

    Check out the link below to see a steam cleaner in action on a dirty carpet!

  • Neff Slide&Hide® Oven

    Reasons to choose a Neff Slide&Hide® Oven


    Some of the great reasons to choose a Neff Slide&Hide® Oven are featured below:

    • The Slide&Hide® door is unique to Neff products such as:
    • The style of the Slide&Hide® oven itself makes a great focal point within a kitchen.
    • The retracting door makes it easier to access the oven cavity making it safer and easier to use.
    • Not only does the Slide&Hide® door look stylish, it also provides a space saving solution for smaller kitchens.
    • Neff Slide&Hide® ovens feature the larger 67 Litre capacity.
    • These types of ovens allow for better cooking.  They make the monitoring and tasting of the food easier during the cooking process.

    Apart from the stunning design feature of the door, the door itself has practical safety applications.  By removing the hot oven door from the kitchen space it eliminates the chance of burning hands or arms by accidental contact.  The better access to the oven cavity makes it much easier to lift out heavy or large items, which is avoiding the dangers of drops or spills.

    NeffSnH2The Slide&Hide® doors are designed with a fantastic handle.  The bevelled steel handle rotates forward smoothly as the door is opened, remaining accessible when it is tucked beneath the oven.  This means that there is no worry of catching hand or wrists due to the awkward movements when the door is being opened or closed.

  • Freestanding Cookers

    Gas Cookers Vs Electric Cookers

    Everyone will have their own opinion, many people may be influenced by their previous experiences.  Whether they had a good or bad experience with either a gas or an electric oven
    this could influence them on their selection.

    But there are massive differences in the cost when cooking with an electric or gas cooker.  With an electric oven you are using less units of energy although each electric unit cost more than a gas unit, it will end up costing more.








    Here is a quick calculation…

    If you use your cooker’s oven, grill and hob for about one hour and 20 minutes a day for a year, an electric cooker will cost about £53 to run.  A gas cooker however will only cost £16, giving you an annual saving of £37, or £222 over the lifetime of your cooker.



    Pros and Cons of a Gas Oven

    Gas cooker pros

    • Gas HobGas hobs - Offer instant heat, and flames licking and spreading round the bottom of pans
      means that heat spreads right across the hob-ring.
    • Cost - Gas is cheaper than electricity so you’re likely to save yourself some money if you cook with this fuel.

    Gas cooker cons

    • Uneven oven temperatures - You don’t usually find fans in gas ovens, which make it harder for the heat to circulate. This means that in a gas oven it will be hotter at the top than the bottom of the oven itself.
    • Installation - Gas cookers need to be professionally installed by a GasSafe registered engineer which can result in higher installation costs.

    Pros and Cons of an Electric Oven

    Electric cooker pros

    • Even oven temperature - Electric ovens offer you more Electric Hobcontrol over the oven temperature, and most have fans to spread the heat throughout.
    • Multi-function ovens - Can cook with a combination of heat from the top and the bottom of the oven, the grill and fan in an electric multi-function oven.
    • Easy-to-clean hobs - Ceramic hobs are easier to wipe clean than hobs with metal risers ie gas hobs.

    Electric cooker cons

    • Cost - Electric cookers cost more to run than gas cookers.
    • Slow hobs – If the pan you are using is bigger than the hob ring it will take longer to heat up with an electric hob.

  • Bosch Exxcel Dishwasher Range - Available from Deals4U

    Bosch Exxcel Dishwasher Range - Available from Deals4U


    Bosch Exxcel range

    The mid-level range of washing machines from Bosch, Exxcel models are freestanding and have features such as anti-vibration panels, which Bosch claims reduces the noise of the wash.

    The Bosch Exxcel range fits between the Classixx value-added models and Bosch's premium Logixx washing machines. They can cost anywhere from £375 to £500, and while they're not as feature-packed as Bosch's pricer washers, this doesn't mean they won't clean clothes well.

    Pros: Exxcel washing machines are the best-scoring Bosch models. They do a good job of cleaning both cotton and synthetic clothing, and follow that wash with a spin that removes most of the wash water, so clothes will not have to spend long in a tumble dryer or hanging on a washing line.


    Cons: While most Bosch washing machines rinse well, models in this range are only average when it comes to rinsing. This means you won't see visible traces of detergent on your clothes, but those with very sensitive skin may want to look for other washers that have a four- or five-star rating from us for rinsing.

    What to expect from Exxcel machines

    As Bosch's mid-range of washing machines, you'll find a generous helping of features and specifications on each model. Though no two are the same, you can expect the following from Exxcel machines:

    • Energy label A+++ or A/AB for older machines
    • Freestanding models
    • LCD display shows wash phase, temperature, spin speed, time remaining and time delay
    • 1200 and 1400 spin speeds, which can be slowed down incrementally to 600rpm
    • 7kg and 8kg-capacity drums, which should be large enough for medium to large households
    • Stop-and-start function, where the washing machine can be paused mid-cycle in case there are any garments you need to add or take out of the load
    • 15-minute wash cycle for 2kg of lightly soiled washing
    • AntiVibration panels on the sides of the machine, which Bosch claims helps to lower the noise levels
    • Wool and handwash program
    • Reduced ironing program
    • A sportswear cycle designed for use on garments with microfibre material, such as those worn to a gym
    • Ability to change the length of the washing cycle with VarioPerfect. This enables you to decide to have short washes or more economical longer washes
    • Extra rinsing program ‘Aqua Plus’, which increases the amount of water used in the wash and rinse cycles to reduce the detergent left in the laundry
    • An overflow and leak prevention system called Multisafe.


    Bosch Exxcel models


    The models below are from the Exxcel range

    • Bosch-WAQ28461GBWAQ28461GB - 8kg-drum capacity with 1400rpm spin speed
    • WAQ24461GB - 8kg-drum capacity with 1200rpm spin speed
    • WAQ283S0GB - 8kg-drum capacity with 1400rpm spin speed

    Bosch WAQ28461GB - The Best Buy Washing Machine


    Bosch says this washing machine won't use a drop more water or energy than it needs to. But is this washing machine, part of the mid-level Exxcel range, as thrifty as Bosch claims, and does it excel at washing, rinsing and spinning laundry?  This Bosch cleans and spins outstandingly, though it uses an average amount of water and power to clean synthetics.








    Outstanding cleaning


    Stains present no problem for this Bosch washer, which delivers a grime-busting clean to cottons and an outstanding synthetics clean. The rinse and spin cycles are also efficient, removing the majority of excess detergent and wash water from clothes.

    Very easy to load


    Earning points where most washers lose them, this machine is easy to load and unload. The door opens almost flush with the machine at 170 degrees, the opening is nice and large, and the door requires little force to open and close.

    Clear control panel


    The control panel is uncluttered and the writing on the panel is easy to read. The control panel is tilted upwards, making it a little easier to read when standing, but not is as clear as on other machines we've seen. Some symbols lack explanations, so you may find yourself dipping into the instruction manual from time to time.

    Have a look at the Bosch Range here at Deals 4 U



  • Miele S8 Series - Available now at Deals 4 U



    The Miele Company has a long and rich history of high quality engineering. “Immer Besser” or "Forever Better" was established early as the company motto and stands for a commitment to the highest quality standards, longevity and improvement; both in production and business practices.

    Miele offers a big range of cylinder and upright vacuum cleaners including models designed specifically for pet owners, allergy sufferers and for those who are looking for a quiet machine. Miele vacuum cleaners cost from around £150 to £500, which puts it at the premium end of the market, with the most advanced models falling at the higher end of the vacuum cleaner price range. The new S8 Series Vacuum cleaners are at the very top of today's market in terms of value and quality, and the full S8 range (which is available at Deals4U) was awarded with Which? Best Buy Awards.

    Deals4u Managing Director Stuart Armstrong said "We are delighted to announce the availability of the full range of Miele S8 Series vacuum cleaners on our website. Miele have established themselves as a leader in the market over recent years and we are looking forward to working with them to bring these high quality vacuums to our loyal customers."




    According to a recent Which? best buy review, the Miele S8340 Ecoline Solution was the highest rated vacuum in the S8 Series. Unusually for a cylinder vacuum cleaner, the Miele Ecoline S8340 comes with a powered turbo brush floor head designed to give your carpets a deep down clean.  The turbo head has a rotating brush bar that's designed to beat carpets to release more dust, and can also be used to shift stubborn pet hair. It comes with an attachment for cleaning upholstery, one for cleaning into crevices and a furniture brush, and all of these can be stored on the main unit so they're always close by when you need them. With everything on board, this vac weighs in at 7.3 kilos, which is about average for this type of cleaner.

    All the Miele Vacuums are bagged cylinder vacuums which allows for maximum power performance. The dust bags work in harmony with your cleaner to maximise its efficiency and give you the best possible cleaning results. They are made from a special kind of fleece that gives you nine layers of filtration designed to capture even the smallest of particles. It’s sturdy enough that larger particles won’t damage its finer layers, and thanks to its special internal construction, it will perform just as well when nearly full as it will when empty. It has clever internal airflow guides to ensure that the bag is completely filled before being changed, and its automatic hygiene shutter prevents dust and bacteria from escaping when you dispose of it.


    In each box of Miele GN dustbags, you’ll find:GNDustbags

    • 4 dustbags
    • 1 motor filter
    • 1 Super AirClean filter

    This product is for use with the entire S8 series and are available to purchase with every Miele Vacuum at Deals4U.




    The Cat & Dog S8320 from Miele is a cylinder vacuum cleaner built to pick up after your furry friends. It comes with a full-size turbo brush to help dig hair and other fibres out of your carpet. This Miele is a fantastic all-floor cleaner. With this one at your side you'll banish the dust from your home whether you have carpets, floor boards or laminate flooring. It's pretty good with pet hair too, making this Miele a worthy buy.

    Stuart Armss8320trong of Deals4U said " The Miele S8320 Cat and Dog vacuum has proven a massive success with our customers.  It is by far the most popular model within the S8 series and the demand for these has been incredible."

    Compared to the basic model, this Cat & Dog model comes with both a full size and a mini turbo brush tool, to help pet owners remove hair from their floors.

    A turbo brush has a rotating brush bar that beats the carpet to free more dust from the fibres, it should also help remove pet hair. A full size turbo brush is a floor head, whereas the mini turbo brush tool is an attachment that fits on the end of the hose, as any other attachment would.

    This vac also has a slightly different filter compared to the Power Plus model. Otherwise, it's the same save for the bright red colour.

    It's got a very powerful motor, but if you find it starts sticking to your floor, you can reduce the level of suction. The reach of this vac is more than ten metres, letting you clean a large area before having to change plug sockets. When you've finished, the power cable automatically retracts into the vac, saving you from collecting it yourself.

    This Miele comes with the three standard nozzles; the upholstery attachment, crevice tool and furniture brush, and all are stored on the vac.

    Have a look at the full Miele S8 Series here at Deals 4 U 

  • Deals4u Launch new Dyson Handheld and Cordless Products

    Deals4u Launch new Dyson Handheld and Cordless Products


    dyson logo Deals4u are pleased to announce the launch of the new Dyson Handheld and Cordless range for 2014. Featuring a new line up of the Dyson Digital Slim DC59 cordless and DC58 handheld vacuums the new ranges are sure to be a great success.  Dyson claims these have three times as much suction power as other handheld vacuums.  The Dyson DC59 is a lightweight and cordless vac that you can use to clean floor to ceiling. If you decide you don’t need a full size vacuum, you can buy it as a handheld vacuum, (without the tube and motorised brush bar), as the Dyson DC58.

    Deals4u Managing Director Stuart Armstrong said "We are delighted to be launching these new and fantastic products from Dyson. We have built up a great relationship with them over the past few years and we are very confident that our loyal customers will love these products as much as we do."



    Dyson vacuums - what's new?


    There is a new motor at the heart of the DC58/59, called the V6. Specially designed for this vac, Dyson says the motor is one and a half times more powerful than the last one, and the claim is that the DC59 'packs the same power as a mains vacuum cleaner.' Dyson has now re-designed the handle and trigger to make it more comfortable to hold when you're cleaning around the home.

    Similar to some of the mains powered vacuums we've seen emerge from Dyson over the last year, the DC58/59 now has a second tier of cyclones, which should help it capture fine dust.

    For a closer look at the new Dyson DC59 Animal, Which? have made a short video highlighting some of the new features, which you can watch from the link below.

    Dyson DC59 Animal Video Review



    Bagless vacuum cleaners

    All Dyson vacuum cleaners are bagless and make use of cyclone technology. That means that all the air sucked into the vacuum, which carries the dust and dirt from your floor, is channeled through the cones visible at the top of the vac's dust cannister. In each cone the air spirals, generating huge amounts of centrifugal force and flinging out the dust and dirt into the surrounding bin - that is cyclonic technology. Over the years, the cyclone technology has been developed and refined. The more recent Dysons such as the DC47 cylinder and DC50 upright now have two tiers of cyclones, with one row positioned above another. Dyson says this should help to separate out more smaller microscopic particles from the air than before, increasing the amount of dirt that ends up in the cannister.


    Bagless pros and cons

    The dust collecting cannisters inside Dysons are transparent, so you can see how much dirt has been collected and when it's time to empty it. The drawback to bagless vacuum cleaners is that the dust is not neatly contained in a bag that you pull out and throw away. Emptying bagless vacuums can be a messy job, presenting a potential hazard for those with very sensitive allergies.

    The advantage is that you do not have to spend money buying replacement bags and you do not have the hassle of removing and fitting a new bag every time the vac has filled up.

    What's included

    Tangle-Free turbine and turbo tools

    Animal vacuums have mini-turbo tools supplied with them. A mini-turbo tool is a small attachment with a rotating brush bar inside. The rotating bar has bristles which helps pick up pet hair. In 2012 Dyson introduced the 'Tangle-Free Turbine tool' which has replaced the typical turbo tool on models produced since. It looks very different but aims to do the same job of sucking up hair, with the additional promise from Dyson that the hair sucked up by this tool, both long human hair and short pet hair, will not wrap or tangle around the tool, as it commonly would around a rotating brush bar. It's a fantastic tool for clearing away both pet and long hair from your floors.





  • Amazon Kindle HD Winner

    We're very pleased to announce the winner of our recent Amazon Kindle Fire HD Competition:

    Ms P Cullip, Herts

    Deals4u Amazon Kindle Winner

    Congratulations to Ms Cullip!

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