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  • Energy Ratings Explained

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    EU energy efficiency labels

    EU energy labels have become a common sight in home appliance showrooms - they're found on a selection of white goods and other products and are designed to help customers see how energy efficient a model is before they buy.

    But what exactly does an energy label tell you about a particular item? We've been taking a closer look at how appliances are awarded an energy-efficiency rating, how you can compare models and what you should look for when you're out shopping.

    How energy efficiency ratings are calculated

    Energy ratings aren't comparable across different products, because each is calculated using a specific test defined by the EU and appropriate to that appliance.

    An EU energy label can give you a good at-a-glance evaluation of how energy efficient a product is. But using it to decipher which product is the most energy efficient on the market is less straightforward - particularly when a large number of models receive the same energy rating, or if the rating is calculated in a way that's not representative of how people use a product in real-life.

    Energy efficiency label shopping tips

    • All of the above products are legally obliged to display energy efficiency information at the point of sale - if you can't see it, ask for it.
    • If you're comparing two A-rated appliances, look more closely at the energy consumption calculation data found on the label to find which of the two uses the least electricity.
    • Some of the detail found within the label itself can be handy - such as washing machine capacity or noise - if you go equipped with a rough idea of what's good, bad and average. Refer to the product-specific pages within this guide for more information.

    The future of energy labelling

    In order to keep up with energy efficiency developments and innovations, the EU has introduced new energy labels and ratings. The changes include:

    • New A+, A++ and A+++ energy ratings for fridges, washing machines, dishwashers and tumble dryers - the new labels were launched on a voluntary basis from December 2010 and became compulsory for all new models to carry by December 2011.
    • An A to G energy labelling system - which will look similar to the labels found on other household products - for televisions was launched at the end of 2010 for use on a voluntary basis. It was made compulsory for all new models to carry by 30 November 2011 (the labels are additionally due to change to A+ to F from 2014).
    • Re-calibrated refrigeration energy ratings to make it more difficult for models to score an A+ rating from July 2014.
    • Energy labels for more products including vacuum cleaners, boilers, windows and shower heads - we'll keep this guide updated as the full plans are unveiled.

    Fridge and freezer energy labels 

    Under EU legislation, every new fridge, freezer and fridge freezer sold in the UK must have an energy label (pictured right) that gives its energy rating. Since 1 July 2012, all new models must have a rating of A+, A++ or A+++. Retailers can still sell stocks of older models so you may still see A or B rated fridges or freezers in the shops.

    If you bought your refrigerator before July 2012 it could have an A rating, and if it was made before September 1999 it could be rated anything from A to G, with a much higher energy use than is allowed today.

    The new labels also show information on storage volume (in litres), frozen storage volume (in litres) and noise level (in decibels).

    How the EU energy ratings are calculated

    EU energy ratings are determined using an index which compares energy consumption with the appliance’s internal volume, to show how efficient it is for its size. This means two different-sized fridges, for example, could still carry the same energy rating.

    Energy consumption is measured with the outside room temperature at 25°C and when the fridge and/or freezer is partly full, to simulate how the appliance is used. Internal volume is measured with all of the drawers, shelves, trays and any water dispenser in place.

    Which? reveals how much a fridge or freezer will add to your yearly energy bill

    Energy ratings for washing machines

    Manufacturers are making increasingly energy and water-efficient laundry appliances. This is good news for the environment, but with many new models carrying the same rating, it can be difficult to work out which ones are more energy efficient than others.

    Unfortunately, extreme energy efficiency is not always a good thing for you as a consumer: some of the washing machines we've tested that use the smallest amount of electricity and water also produce the worst results. A washing machine needs to balance good cleaning with relatively low energy and water use.

    How the EU energy ratings are calculated

    A washing machine's energy-efficiency rating is calculated by measuring kilowatt hours (kWh) used annually by the machine, based on its performance on full and partial 60°C cotton loads and a 40°C partial cotton load.

    However, there is no requirement for a washing machine to actually reach 60°C. This might not matter to you.  To find out if you're not sure but if it does, you may be interested to learn that some models get nowhere near 60°C even when you've chosen a 60°C wash cycle. In fact, one Hoover model we tested only reached 43°C on its 60°C cycle.

    Temperatures aside, you'll also find other information on a washing machine's energy label, including annual water consumption (in litres), capacity (in kilograms), spin drying efficiency class (rated from A to G) and noise emission (for partial and full loads, in decibels).

    The labels don’t include information on washing performance any more, because all models with a capacity of more than 4kg must achieve an A rating.

    Energy ratings for dishwashers

    The EU energy label found on all new dishwashers at the point of sale provides a good indication of how much energy and water a model typically uses.

    All dishwashers are graded A+++ to D for energy efficiency, with A+++ being the most efficient and cheapest to run. But if you bought your dishwasher before 2011, it could be rated as low as G and add a lot of money to your energy bill.

    The EU energy rating is determined by testing the energy consumed washing a collection of soiled tableware and dishes using the standard cycle recommended by the manufacturer. The cleaning, rinsing and drying performance are also evaluated.

    The energy efficiency of the dishwasher is expressed in kilowatt hours per year. The label also shows figures for annual water consumption (litres), drying efficiency (a rating of A to G), capacity (in place settings) and noise emission (decibels).

    Dishwasher label

    New dishwasher energy efficiency ratings were introduced in 2012 and go up to A+++

    Energy ratings for tumble dryers

    Electric tumble dryers are given a rating between A+++ for the most efficient, and G for the least efficient appliances. The rating is determined using a standardised test where each product is measured for its energy use during a cotton drying cycle.

    In 2012, energy labels were introduced for gas tumble dryers.

  • Designer Cooker Hoods

    Home and Kitchen Appliances - Deals4u

    Get your designer cooker hood here now!  These designer cooker hoods are not just a bulky box they are an accessory to the kitchen itself they are a feature central to your kitchen. There are many different designs to choose from.  Here are a selection below:

    Wall Mounted Designer Cooker Hood

    Elica 70CC GRILLE 70cm Wall Mounted Designer Cooker Hood in Black   Elica 70CC GRILLE 70cm Wall Mounted Designer Cooker Hood - Dimensions


    Elica CELESTIAL Spherical Designer Chimney Hood


    Elica SPACE Designer Chimney Hood - Black Glass   Elica SPACE Designer Chimney Hood - White


    Io Air Sense  Elica iO Air Black Designer Cooker Hood  Elica iO Air Beauty Designer Cooker Hood  Elica iO Air Pop Designer Cooker Hood


  • Dishwashers Built-in and freestanding

    Home and Kitchen Appliances - Deals4u

    Free-Standing Dishwashers

    Freestanding dishwashers are popular and can be easier to install than an integrated dishwasher.  Although, slimmer freestanding dishwasher may be best for smaller kitchens or homes where space is limited, while larger models are great for family homes and regular entertaining.  They’re also easier to transport if you move house.  Most dishwashers are designed to fit under a standard-height worktop.  The front door is completely visible, and they’re available in different colours and sizes to suit your taste, home and budget.  Comes in both full size 60cm wide or slimline 45cm wide.

    Hotpoint FDEM3101P Freestanding Dishwasher     Full Size 60cm wide
    Bosch SPS53M08GB silver ActiveWater slimline Dishwasher 45cm Freestanding Slimeline 45cm wide

    Built-in Dishwashers
    These built-in installed units provide the best operating convenience, being permanently located for easy access with no need to relocate it to the kitchen sink every time you need to use it. Since there is no hook-up to the faucet, your kitchen sink can be used for other purposes at the same time your dishwasher is running.

    A built-in dishwasher does require a plumbing installation to your home's waterworks and detailed instructions are usually available for your chosen model, either from the manufacturer or dealer where it was purchased.  Comes in both full size 60cm wide or slimline 45cm wide.

    Neff S51M53X2GB Built in Fully Integrated Dishwasher Full size 60cm
    Smeg DI4 45cm Fully Integrated Slimline Dishwasher Slimeline 45cm wide
  • Upright Vacuum Cleaners

    Home and Kitchen Appliances - Deals4u

    Advantages of upright vacuum cleaners

    • Great performance on carpeted floors
    • Powerful brushes to help combat pet hair
    • High dust capacity, reducing the frequency of dust removal
    • Typically long hose range to enable stairs to be easily vacuumed
    • Typically larger head to cover more surface area and reduce vacuuming time


    Bosch BCH61840GB - Athlet Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

    Number 1 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner.  No cables and no compromises, giving outstanding cleaning results.  Maximum flexibility, excellent handing, reach under furniture and clean any floor.  Bosch SensorBaglessTM technology for best performance and less maintenance.  Lithium-ion technology from Bosch to give long running time with short charges.  Easy to use makes your life easier.


    Dyson DC40 Multi Floor - Vacuum Cleaner - Upright

    CycloneTM technology. It generates high suction power at the cleaner head, which

    automatically self-adjusts for different carpet types and hard floors.
    Stubborn dirt brush
    With stiff bristles for cleaning mud and dried-in dirt.
    Radial Root CycloneTM technology
    Dyson's patented cyclone technology captures more dirt than any other. With airflows

    remodelled to maximize suction power.
    BallTM technology
    Steers smoothly with a turn of the wrist. More core technology is housed in the ball - reduces

    clutter and allows easier access to awkward spaces.
    Strong suction at the cleaner head
    Base plate automatically self-adjusts for optimal contact with all floor types - even on hard

    Hygienic bin emptying
    Dyson vacuums are hygienic and quick to empty, with no need to touch the dirt. Just push the

    Lightweight and durable

    Engineered materials are selected for their strength and durability. Less weight and bulk.

    Captures allergens, expels cleaner air
    Dyson cyclones can capture particles down to 0.5 microns including pollen, mould and

    Instant high-reach wand
    Stretches up to 5 times the length of the handle for stairs and hard to reach places.


    Vax air pet bagless upright U87MAPE

    • Model No: U87MAPE
    • Energy Rating: A
    • Carpet Rating: A
    • Hard Floor Rating: A
    • Filter Rating: A
    • Noise Level: 86 dBA
    • Kwh / Annum: 23.6
    • Multi Cyclonic Technology
    • 1.5 Litre dust capacity
    • Turbo Tool - helps remove stubborn pet hair
    • Includes 3 in 1 tool
    • 1.5m hose length
    • Cable length: 6m
    • Weight: 4.9 (Kg)
    • 6 year guarantee
  • Cooker Hood

    Home and Kitchen Appliances - Deals4u

    There are several different types of cooker hoods, such as island cooker hoods, downdraft cooker hoods, ceiling cooker hoods, canopy cooker hoods.

    Island cooker hoods

    LA-70-Curved Glass Island Black Designer Hood

    Island Cooker Hood in a stunning black finish. A stylish and popular curved glass island hood available in Stainless Steel, Black, Red, Cream, White and Pink. This Island hood is a sleek and stunning design and very simple to use with Electronic switch with timer control.

    Ceiling cooker hoods


    This all new A rated energy efficient ceiling extractor has to be one of the best looking cooker hoods on the market!

    The surround is made of white glass and the under panel is also white glass that is lit by Neon lights giving a smooth tranquil lighting beneath.The frame of this cooker hood is made of stainless steel and is polished to add that quality look.

    You can install this hood direct to your ceiling making sure you have the correct supports or frame to carry the weight, or you can install it on to a lowered box section if you prefer.
    This unit is remote control operated.

    Canopy cooker hoods

    LA-52 Canopy Stainless Steel

    The most powerful Integrated hood in the UK!

    Canopy cooker hoods: Luxair's latest range of integrated canopy hoods, the CAN 52 with LED lights available in both 52cm and 74cm versions both in Stainless Steel. gone are the very poor canopy hoods with very poor extraction rates and expensive halogen lights, also paper grease filters are now a thing of the past! quality canopy extractors by Luxair all carry a 7 years parts & labour warranty (Subject To Registration)

    Most canopy if not all hoods only offer up to 300 m³/hr but Luxairs new integrated range off a powerful 950 m³/hr motor. Fitted with 2 LED lights, easy clean metal mesh grills and easy to use switch, this hood is powerful and quiet and delivers the quality that Luxair are proud of at the most affordable prices.

    Downdraft Cooker Hoods

    Trif Downdraft 90cm Stainless Steel

    This all new top of the rage designer down draft extractor is truly one of the very best on the market.
    This down draft cooker hood is curved to perfection and  designed to be seen. Then LA-Trif-DWN is designed to be a fixed work top down draft, so it does not drop down. We have designed it in polished stainless steel, so it will always look classy. ALSO AVAILABLE IN ALL BLACK

    This hood features a curved glass front, with small LED lights, a new toggled switch control unit is also back lit and is a designer switch unit and is also available with a remote control as an optional extra. The LA-Trif-DWN has a very powerful 980m³/hr motor so it not only offers style but performance to match.
    This designer down draft will be the envy of all your friends.

    Extraction Rates

    • Integrated Cooker Hoods have a powerful extraction rate of 950m³/hr motor
    • Island hoods have extraction rates up to 980m³/hr, and at a quiet 61DB
    • Cooker hood ranges with extraction rates up to 980m³/hr
    • Ceiling hoods have the most powerful extraction rates of up to 1200m³/hr, and the quietest at 62db
    • Downdrafts have extraction up to 1200m³/hr, and at a quiet 61db


    Bosch DWW09W450B 90cm Classixx Stainless Steel Chimney Hood          Bosch DWW09W460B 90cm Classixx Black Chimney Hood           Bosch DIA098E50B Island Chimney Hood with Glass Canopy


    Belling 60CHIM 60cm Chimney Hood  - Stainless Steel           Belling CHIM90 90cm Chimney Hood in Black          Belling 70DGH 70cm Stainless Steel & Glass Designer Chimney Hood


  • Microwaves

    Home and Kitchen Appliances - Deals4u

    Why buy a Microwave?  It saves time as you can use an adjustable timer that allows you the luxury to set a time depending on the type of food that is so be cooked.  The microwave turns off automatically, so no need to worry about leaving it unattended.

    It in turn, retains nutrients in the food since cooking in microwaves takes less time, more nutrients are reserved.  As a matter of fact, food cooked via microwave is a lot healthier because there's no need to use oil during the cooking process.

    Free Standing Microwaves

    Freestanding microwaves are ready to use straight out of the box.  A built-in model requires installation.  Depending on an owner's experience with electrical installations, he or she may require the assistance of an electrician to complete the job.

    Daewoo KOR6L65 White Manual Microwave Oven          Daewoo KOR6A0R Black Touch Control Microwave         Swan SM22030BLN Blue Retro 800W Digital Freestanding Microwave

    Built-in Microwaves

    A built-in microwave saves space, but it sacrifices flexibility.  The magnitude of this problem often depends on if the property is a rental or owned.  Not all landlords allow the addition of built-in appliances.  In addition, renters often move more frequently than property owners. Freestanding microwaves are ready to use straight out of the box.  A built-in model requires installation.  Depending on an owner's experience with electrical installations, he or she may require the assistance of an electrician to complete the job.

    Belling BIMW60 Stainless Steel Built In Microwave Grill & Convection Oven          Bosch HMT75M654B Stainless Built in Microwave Oven           Electrolux EMS17006OX Built in Microwave Oven

    Models from bosh, Daewoo and Swan


    Bosch HMT75M421B - Freestanding White Microwave          Bosch HMT84M461B Freestanding Compact Microwave Oven in Black           Bosch HMT84M451B Freestanding Compact Microwave Oven in Stainless Steel



    Daewoo KOR6N9RC Cream Touch Control Microwave           Daewoo KOR6A0R Black Touch Control Microwave          Daewoo KOR3000DSL Stainless Steel Duoplate Touch Control Microwave Oven



    Swan SM40010BLK Standard Microwave           Swan SM40010N 800W Solo Microwave           Swan SM22030RN Red Retro 800W Digital Freestanding Microwave

  • Steam Generator Irons

    Steam generator irons produce continuous steam for longer to make light work of those heavy piles of ironing. They can hold up to four times as much water as a regular steam iron, depending on the tank capacity of course.  And since the water is held in a detachable tank, they’re lighter to hold and use.

    Because they are more heavy duty and come with all sorts of functions, steam generator irons are more expensive than standard steam irons.  They are primarily designed for those who like to iron in bulk but may offer the sort of luxuries that might entice more casual ironers as well.

    Morphy Richards 42293 Jet Stream 2200W Steam Generator Iron

    Benefits of a Steam Generator Irons

    Top tank capacity - Normally they'll hold around 1000ml compared to 250-450ml on a standard iron.  Because of this steam generator irons normally take a little longer to heat up but that shouldn't be a concern considering you'll save time ironing overall.

    A lot of steam for your money - Steam is essential for wrinkle free clothes and a generator iron uses pressurised steam from a separate boiler, which means you will get more powerful steam for much longer.  The higher the pressure, the deeper the steam penetrates into the fabric, achieving professional quality results.

    Effortless vertical steaming - Steam generator irons make lighter work of vertical steaming allowing you to iron garments like shirts or even coats on the hanger.  It will easily cope with thick curtains and you won‟t have to go through the hassle of taking them down.

    Safety first - All our steam generator irons come with auto shut-off giving you peace of mind if you leave your iron unattended.  The iron will normally switch itself off after about ten minutes if it has remained motionless, reducing the risk of an accident.  Another handy safety feature most of our models include is a convenient cable tidy for easy storage and neat appearance.

    AEG DBS2800-U ErgoSense Steam Generator Iron  Polti Vaporella Forever 630 Steam Generator Iron

  • Actifry Low Fat Electric Fryer

    ActiFry has a patented hot air system and stirring paddle which together ensure excellent all over cooking results.  Also, there's no need to shake or stir during cooking, so you can enjoy hands-free cooking, not to mention more free time as well, as you don't have to constantly tend to your cooking. In addition, Actifry uses only one spoonful of oil meaning not only tasty food but healthier too.
    For peace of mind, the steam-free lid and transparent viewing window allow you to keep an eye on how your cooking is progressing.  Once your food is ready, the lid, bowl and paddle are all removable and dishwasher safe.
    Each ActiFry comes complete with its own recipe booklet containing a variety of mouth-watering meal suggestions for the whole family, including Chicken Tikka Masala, a vegetable stir fry and even Mediterranean style calamari recipes.

    • 1kg cooking capacity - ideal for 4 portions with only 1 spoonful of oil
    • Digital LED timer and audible alert when your food is ready
    • Requires no pre-heating nor shaking or stirring during cooking
    • Removable, dishwasher safe lid, bowl and stirring paddle
    • Free recipe leaflet included
  • Roberts Radio

    With a heritage of more than 80 years, and a reputation built on producing high-quality premium-brand radios for the consumer market, Roberts Radio Limited is the UK brand leader in portable radios with international sales in countries across the globe, including Japan and the USA.  With a range of over 100 different DAB, analogue, world radios, radio cassettes and internet radios and a commitment to constant improvement, Roberts leads the field in design, product development and innovation.


    Roberts RD-60 Revival Revival DAB Vintage Style Portable Radio - Duck Egg

    Because of the way DAB technology works, broadcasters can transmit many more stations than ever before.  Listeners in most major towns and cities in the UK can receive between 30 and 50 radio stations with a digital radio, in many cases that's more than double what's available on analogue.  Because digital radio uses the spectrum more efficiently than analogue, it is possible to broadcast more channels using the same frequency, making room for broadcasters to expand their station portfolios.



    Roberts Blutune 50 DAB/FM Bluetooth Stereo Sound System

    Listen to music anywhere with family and friends using your mobile phone.  The speaker also offers enhanced sound quality and has the Hands Free Profile feature which allows phone calls to be answered direct from your speaker.



    Although traditional radio transmitters are limited to around 100 miles or so, Internet Radio has no geographic limits.  Whereas currently – dependent upon your location – you may be able to tune in to between 50 to 100 stations, by utilising the web, Internet Radio has effectively access to a vast broadcast spectrum, covering the entire planet.

    Many stations upload radio serials, regular programmes, concerts and more ‘Podcasts’ online.   Just as with Internet Radio stations, finding a Podcast you want to listen to is an easy operation on your Roberts Smart Radio – you can search by location, genre, or using part of the name of the podcast and the radio show you a list of suggestions.

    Fancy listening to a suspenseful drama?  Catching up on this morning’s breakfast show? Getting some tips on gardening?  Not a problem.  All of this, and much, much more is just waiting for you to discover.


    Roll up! Roll up! Get your bargain here!

    If your appliance suddenly breaks down and you need a cheap appliance to replace it look no further check out the Deal4u Clearance Section.  Some of our clearance items have been either returned or the product was suddenly unwanted or end of line - although some are scratched or dented, but never worry they are still covered by manufacturer warranty.

    We range from - dishwashers, washing machines, tumble dryers, fridge freezers, chimney extractor hoods, ovens, hobs and lots lots more!

    Bosch SMV40C30GB Standard Fully Integrated Dishwasher White Knight 44AW - Full size Vented Tumble DryerBosch Classixx 6 VarioPerfect WAE28167GB WasherBosch KGN30VW20G Exxcel Freestanding NoFrost Fridge FreezerBosch DKE765PGB 70cm Chimney Extractor Hood with Glass Canopy  Neff B14P42N3GB Built In Stainless Steel Pyrolytic Single OvenBosch PCP616B90E 60cm Black Gas Hob

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